Monday, December 15, 2008

Coming Home

"I'll be home for Christmas"
Well this post is to inform you all where I will be and when I will be where.
Please give me a call if you want to get together. I don't want to miss seeing my dearly beloved due to lack of contact. I can't wait to see ya'll.
Thursday, December 18th: Fly to Fort Worth and stay with Kasey that night.
Friday, December 19th: Meet Cousin Chad and drive to Houston late that evening.
December 19th-22nd: Humphrey family Christmas
Monday, December 22nd: Ride back to San Angelo
December 22nd-Jan 2nd: In San Angelo
January 2nd: Ride with Dalgliesh's to Fort Worth
January 4th: Fly back to Louisville.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Tis' the Season For Ugly Sweaters

As most of you know, as of 2:30 on Friday afternoon, I completed my first semester of my pursuit for a Masters of Arts in Biblical Counseling at Southern Seminary! And, what better way to celebrate than with dear friends...
U-G-L-Y...You ain't got no alibi,
your ugly yeah yeah your ugly
I am not sure if any of you remember that horrible, unedifying chant from when we were in school in the yonder years and less that mature. It seems appropriate to pull it out and dedicate it to the sweaters for this occasion. Let me make that is dedicated to the sweaters...the people in the sweaters are ridiculously good looking.

So, needless to say, what do you get when you put together: wassail, snacks, Christmas decorations, Mad Gab, Taboo, $1 gift items for a white elephant gift exchange, and beautiful friends dressed in horrible, repugnant, hideous, ugly sweaters....well, see for yourself....


I would also like to take the time and thank the Free Store on campus that made this party possible. Without the donations of these horrendous sweaters the smiles may have not been as big nor the pictures so wretched. So thank YOU free store!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Deck the Halls of the Eyrie

On December 1st, here in Louisville, we had 3 snow falls and the roomies and I got together, made dinner, played the classic Christmas music, put up Christmas decorations, arranged some furniture and ended the evening with coffee (decaf) and the movie Elf. It was a fun time and needless to say things got a little out of hand (Sarah! haha)

TADA! next post....'Tis the Season for Ugly Sweaters'