Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Welcome 2008

Well...as always, my deepest apologies for my lack of posting. I have gone non-stop since November. In the midst, Kasey and I moved and no longer have internet. But here we are...

So, I went to Houston for Thanksgiving and had a splendid time with my family. I learned to be more of a servant since my cousin had had a major back surgery right before my arrival. Upon my return, Kasey and I moved since our roomie was about to get married. It was alot of work, but we love our new home.

Before I knew it it was Christmas. I spent Christmas in San Angelo. I learned how to make bows and spent some time with family that the Lord has been working on restoring in my life.

On the 26th I began to prepare for the wedding I was going to cater on the 29th. I have never spent more hours in a kitchen before, yet...I have to say it was a success. Below are a few pictures. I have to say the fruit tray with the swan carved out of a honeydew melon is my favorite.

Back in the kitchen on the 31st to prepare for a last minute New Years party that was an absolute blast.

I look back on 2007 and words cannot praise the Lord enough for the growth he has produced from ministry, hardship, jobs and relationships. Refinement is still the process he continues to take me through. There has been times of joy and downtrodden, abundance and little, community and loneliness and through it all He has been glorified. I look forward to seeing where the Lord leads me. Today I finally finished my application for Kanukuk Institute. Being a single chick I feel like this is the best route to prepare me for ministy. My friends Amanda and Ronnie will be adopting the twin girls from the previous post. So...if the Lord has not prepared a ministry for me after Kanukuk or a husband, I am looking at the possibilities of moving with the Garcia's to the location where they will be in ministry. Alot to pray about needless to say. I am excited to see what is ahead and until then I pray that I walk in faith faithfully. Love you guys!