Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Serenity of Fall

Since my last post I have had my first mid-terms, my first canoe trip (in Kentucky at least), my first fall season filled with colors and my first visitor. Time here proves to stay consistently busy and very sweet. I have been homesick at times and have discovered the distancy of distance. Though at times home seems to me to be distant and a memory, the Lord is continuing to be so faithful in establishing a sweet community of friends and familiarity here.

On my way to work I pass a pond. Next to the pond is a Weeping Willow that sets the whimsical stage and framing the pond are trees dressed in their fall colors. The air has a crisp feel to it and yet is not uncomfortably cold. Beyond the pond I drive down a road whose trees arch over as if to create a tunnel of divine nature. The view is stunning and I pray that I never forget to praise God for the beauty of his creation and for His provision in bringing me here. Though the scene is a delight to the eyes, may I be delighted in God as exemplified in the story of George Muller's life.

When it comes to studies (such as George Muller) and mid-terms I can't help but think about what Dr. Stuart Scott stated in class that "I was not commanded by God to come to Seminary in the Scriptures and my A will not impress the Lord. I was, however, commanded to love the Lord, love others, etc..." I am continually realizing that I cannot perform to please God or even others at that. The important thing during my time of equipping here is that I am sanctified and that I would be able to be a tool to teach and disciple others for years to come. As you can see in the picture above the books can seem overwhelming. Yet the things I learn are to benefit others and glorify God. At the point I loose this mindset and begin to worry about grades over the education, I will have then missed the purpose of my being here. David Platt questioned whether we were training to be receivers or reproducers. There are applications and truths that I am learning, yet I should never keep them to myself. I pray that the things I am learning here would overflow in my speech for the edification of those around me for the Lord's namesake. The more I am learning in my study of God (theology), the more I am learning about myself and others. I am left with the truths discovered and my heart to be searched and sought by the Holy Spirit.

I have also be so blessed recently by a taste of home through a visit with Shea Polite. Our time has been precious to me and so edifying. Her hunger for God and her personal discipline has left me encouraged and spurred on. Tomorrow we take her to the airport and it is going to take everything for me to not want to climb on the plane to see my dearly beloved in Texas. I do look forward to that trip during Christmas break though. Until then, fall break for me dwindles. It is time to hit the books and start retaining and writing again. I am still in the midst of a church search. In the midst of this search I have gained such a love and appreciation for the church and have had narrowed my choices. Thank you for your prayers in the midst. I cannot proclaim my love for you all enough. Please continue to keep me updated on your lives and prayer requests.

I love you all and until next time...grace and peace.