Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Delicious Healthy Treat!

My Step-Mother and I are on a Catabolic Diet and in the evenings we have been having an incredibly delicious treat. Here is the recipe. Feel free to add whatever frozen fruit you want.

Yeilds Two Drinks:
Fill Blender with Frozen Strawberries
Add Two Cans of Sprite Zero
Put in about 5-6 drops of Vanilla Extract
Blend and Drink.
Seriously this is so good, filling and we just had them with frozen peaches and fresh pineapple. Excellent!

Friday, June 20, 2008


I have just returned from spending a week with my cousin and his youth at Student Life Camp. The group I worked with was rough around the edges to say the least. They are so precious to my heart, yet they have come from circumstances that I am not sure I will ever understand. My cousin has not merely ministered to the kids that come to church on a regular basis, yet he has found these kids in the woodworks and is gladly coming alongside them. These kids are hearing the gospel for the first time and are either thirsty as every or hardened by the life they have lived in.

This week was stretching for me. I had to learn patience to the utmost since all but one of our kiddos were in Jr. High. They vomited their lives on us and we poured the hope that we have in Christ into them. And poured and poured. Not only did we pour, but The Smith Band poured and Matt Carter poured. Every single one of our kids had encountered the Word and works of God. During our final worship service on Thursday night, Matt Carter's message from the Lord opened my eyes and convicted me on a new level. The sermon was also given to his church and you can find it here and is the Amos 5 :21-23 sermon called "Why Churches Die: Impure Worship" given on 9/23/07. This is where the title of this post comes from. Namaste- In everyday life, "namaste" is not necessarily considered a religious gesture by everyone. However, many believe it has a spiritual basis, in recognizing a common divinity within the other person.

I pray that more than anything that these kids from Santo, TX were able to see Christ in us. The fact is that we will be able to see if their responses to the gospel are true from the fruit of their lives when they return to the conditions at home. I pray overall that the seeds that were planted have fallen on a good soil. Please pray for Chad and Angela as they continue to invest in the lives of these students that have not so lovely lives. Check out the above sermon. You will be glad that you did.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

The smile on my face in this picture cannot express the joy and excitement that I am feeling. The day that I was ready to call Housing at Southern Seminary, I received an e-mail from dear Anna Gibson of Louisville, KY. Anna and I met during Spring Break and she has been such a servant in helping me find a roommate and or a place along with the Plevans, Whites, Bebees and Butts. The search ended yesterday as I made yet another attempt to see if the situation would work. After talking for 15 minutes, we totally hit it off and she kindly asked, "So...would you like to be my roommate?" I could not have been more thrilled. The place is a complex called Eagles Eyrie. It is a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom, two story apartment. She told me that it is a great place to entertain and is way cute. It is less than two miles from the Seminary and there are alot of seminary students that live in the complex. I am very excited and it is so sweet to see the Lord's provision once again. We are still looking for a third roommate, so you can still be praying about that. Thank you for your prayers and all of your hard work to help me find a roommate/home. I have truly been blessed and all praise be to our Father. More updates to follow soon....