Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Texas Thanksgiving in Louisville

I am pretty sure I can confidently say that fun was had by all, and this Thanksgiving was a hit. Friends and food arrived at my place at 1:00.
We gathered around and shared what we were thankful for, prayed and then the devouring began.
The food was phenomenal and the fellowship was sweet. After we ate the clean up was fast and easy (Praise the Lord for dishwashers). The girls went for a walk by the river and reservoir while the boys watched football. Upon our return I set up a coffee bar and we partook in the delicious desserts.
The final element that made the evening that much sweeter was the laughter that filled my home from the game Boxers or Briefs.
The guests left at 9:00 and I retreated to my destination for the next few days. I sit..reminiscing by the fire of this beautiful home that I am house sitting at...could this day have been better?

All praise, honor and glory be to the God that saved me, sanctifies me and has been ever so gracious to me. Truly I am blessed.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I have a blog?

Of course I know that I have a blog, yet the number of recent posts would prove otherwise. I do apologize to those of you who take thirty seconds to click on my blog only to realize that it is the same ol' same ol'.

School has been great and time consuming. I have written 8 small papers, 2 big research papers and 2 big projects since the last post. One of those research papers took me 23 hours total to complete. I have also continued the great amount of reading required for each course. I can say assuredly that I am thankful for the Lord's provision and plan of bringing me here. Although it can be overwhelming at times, since there are huge concepts being thrown at me in short periods of time, the nuggets of truth my mind can grasp have been ever so sweet. I am thankful for the Professors at Southern and for the Lord that has gifted each of them with such wisdom and knowledge to equip us all.

The Lord has been teaching me a lot about being faithful. There is so much to be said in that one little word. More than anything I am praying that the Lord would continue to grace me with faithfulness not only during my time here at Southern, but in all that I do. May I be a faithful daughter of the King first and foremost. In all that I do it should be for the glory of God and my enjoyment in Him. May I be a faithful friend that is willing to serve, love, rebuke, edify and be true to my word. May I be a faithful student, not only at Southern once again, yet in all my relationships. There are so many thing to learn rather it be from the kids I care for or my almost 90 year old grandmother. I could continue, but I must wrap this e-mail up to be faithful with my time. Haha.

I want to give thanks to the Lord for bringing me here and surrounding me with such incredible people. Though home and the relationships there will be hard to be so distant from at times, I can truly say that I love this place.

Future post to look forward to:
-The Texas Thanksgiving in Louisville
-Deck the Halls of the Eyrie
-Tis' the Season for Ugly Sweaters
I ask that you pray for me as I study for finals that will take place December 1st-5th. Pray that I would retain the material well, not merely for the test but for the glory of God for the years ahead of me.

Friday, November 07, 2008

"What just happened?"

I have to tell you that i had the oddest experience on campus today. My roomies boy friend is a music student at Southern and for one of his classes he has to teach personal voice lessons. Needless to say he talked me into being his voice student. Today was the final lesson that took place in front of his class. The beginning went well and I felt pretty comfortable. He had warned me that his prof's practices are crazy and she tends to touch people quite a bit. In the middle of the lesson she approached me and suddenly started prompting me, "Are you ready, ready! Go UT, ready to sing..." as she was touching me and then she went to the piano and told me to start singing...I did as she said and then she said, "ignore me" as she proceeded to stand up, grap my hand and frolic around the room pulling me along with her shouting, "Sing, Sing!" I looked at Brennan and he was horrified. There I was...running around the room behind this professor singing in front of the whole class. Oh, my! Thoughts? Comments? I am just trying to figure out...what just happened?