Tuesday, March 25, 2008

At 12:30, on this date, I received a phone call from Toby in the admissions office at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and was welcomed to their family of seminary students. I assumed my reaction would be a thank you and should I really do this. I would say that my jumping up and down flooded any doubt or fears that would come in the way of my attending Southern. I have been overjoyed with the thought of moving to Louisville since my visit this Spring Break. So many things were solidified through classes, campus tours, Dr. Scott, Anna Gibson, Orran, Sojourn and my dear friends the Plevans, Whites, Butts, Bebees and Polittes. These people are truly Barnabas' for me. Messages of encouragement to attack the sin of doubt and unbelief in my life. The Lord has been so gracious to me throughout this process thus far.

There is a family in our church whose infant daughter just had to have a heart transplant. Rex and Stacy stood in awe of the Lord's provision through his church for them and their family. Rex was giving a report and said, "there is no way that we can thank all of you for all that you have done in giving sacrificially...so I will thank the Lord." I echo Rex in that statement. There is no way I can thank each of you for your prayers, support, love, giving, service, couches, etc....so I will give thanks to our Lord. To him be the glory and honor. And now...I press on to Kentucky.

Please continue to pray for me as I apply for scholorships, seek the Lord for jobs and a home. Jehovah Jireh- I will proclaim and trust you as my provider. Below are a few glimpses of my sweet time in Louisville and St. Louis. The Garcia's were the couple that my journey with the Lord began with, so it was great visiting them and their sweet family. I love them and I love you guys.