Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Month Home

The picture that starts this blog is one that I took at Huber's Farm. The Plevans were gracious to take me with them to this U-pick-it Farm, Orchard and Winery; and I must say that I loved it. We picked raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and peaches. We had a picnic near this pond where this swan and fish were being fed. The swan would be annoyed by the fish and would nip at them with his beak on their heads. I am sure that you could use this picture in a sermon and talk about the sin that so easily entangles us as we strive for purity as a beautiful swan...but it is probably best to leave it as a pretty cool picture. My time here has been sweet and I would like to give praise and adorations to our lord for the provisions and growth he is already granting.

I started classes last Monday and in 1 and 1/2 weeks I have read about three and 1/2 books along with some other small readings. I am learning so much about the Holy Spirit in my Systematic Theology class. It has been so neat to see us as Christians as annointed ones that through the Holy Spirit we are equipped with wisdom and power. In my Spiritual Disciplines class we have started accountability and have been learning the discipline of journaling. There is something to be said about the spiritual evaluation and legacy that can be left behind when a pen hits the paper. In my Biblical Counseling class I am reading "Seeing With New Eyes" and truly my eyes have been opened to ministering to souls as well as examining my own life. I highly recommend this book. I will also be doing a Sanctification Project in that class. Basically I will be counseling myself through the area of contentment throughout the semester and in the end I will have the tools to be able to counsel someone else through the areas of contentment. Though it will not be easy to combat this area of sin, I look forward to the end result...sanctification. I was able to attend my Shepherd Group today and sat once again under the care and direction of Dr. Stuart Scott along with 4 other guys. We will meet monthly throughout the semester and I look forward to continue to place myself under such wisdom and counsel. Finally I have been learning how to write "Southern" style in my Written Communications class. There is no MLA format sir. At chapel this Thursday, Dr. Moore taught on the Doctrines of Election. Everyone needs to listen to this sermon. He speaks through the authority of the scriptures and urges and encourages the church. You can listen to it here. I have been blessed every Monday with his teaching and look forward to the rest of the semester.

It is still weird to say that this place is my home, yet the Lord has been gracious in making it feel that way. I praise him daily for the people and the classes he has placed in my life. I am also very thankful for my job. I started as a nanny this week with August (5) and Charley (3). We have already had a picnic, bike rides and fun at Cherokee park and I look forward to time at the zoo, museums, library, etc... I have been to three churches and have enjoyed them all which makes me think that I have a hard decision ahead. Which leads me to my prayer requests:
1. Contentment
2. A Church Home and discernment
3. Studies- that I may no only retain the information and write the papers well, but that I would be more concerned with being sanctified in the midst.
4. My dad- He is in California with my grandparents and aunt. My grandfather had a stroke this summer and they have been struggling through some short term and now long term memory loss. Pray for peace, patience and joy in the midst.
5. My Cousin Blake- He found out today that there is a mass on his spine in between V4&5. On September 11th they will take out the mass and biopsy it for cancer. Pray for him, his wife Kel, his son Brandon and his baby Ryan (Mr. Baby). May the Lord grant peace and healing.
6. My computer is not working for some reason, which could pose a problem since I need to write three papers in the next two weeks. I am going to the IT department at the school tomorrow to see if there is something we can do.

Love Ya and I hope to keep up with this blog at least monthly. I may also include some of my book reviews for those of you interested. Until next time...God bless and keep me posted on how I can pray for you.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I am a Kentuckian?!?

It's true and not only do I have to preach the gospel to myself daily, but I also have to remind myself that I live and reside in Kentucky. The first few days were rough to be honest. The Lord was gracious to provide my dad and great helpers to move me into my new home. In 24 hours I had the place together/unpacked and shortly after all picture were hung. My roommate called me a little Texas Tornado and below are the before and after pictures of our "Flip that Apartment" episode. I remember sitting on the couch across from my dad and hearing the first voice form home and bawling. It's true I am a girl and not only do I have that against me but I am a girl who has never moved her entire life. I looked at my furniture in this unfamiliar place and said, "the people that I picture sitting on this furniture are in Texas and I already miss them terribly."
Well...graciously, the Lord has provided incredible people here in Kentucky that not only have taken me under their care but they fit well in the furniture. The furniture was put to test when we had a little get together of about 14 of us and it was a joy to show hospitality and fellowship in my new home. I celebrated my birthday at a great Cuban Restaurant with fun friends and roomies. After resigning from Dorothy Sayers after two days of training, I now have a job as a nanny with the Rothpletz family. The boys are 3 and 5 and I am excited about the days ahead of us at the zoo and museums. Oh starts Monday. I bought my book and in my bedroom picture you can see the stack of reading the Lord has blessed me with this semester on the floor next to the couch. I have been busy and have met some incredible people and am starting to think...I just may like this place. A fun weekend awaits me and I hope to update you soon with that. Thank you for your prayers, wisdom and support through this time of change and transition in my life. The Lord is so faithful to me and I am overwhelmed by his grace, mercy and provision. I should write a blog soon to glorify the Lord in His provision for school. Until then know He is a great provider. To God be the glory...