Monday, July 30, 2007

To Everything There is a Season

This whole summer has been bitter sweet. In alot of ways I have been celebrating everyone elses life through marriages, new jobs, missions, moves, engagements...Meanwhile my life has been somewhat at a standstill. In May I had to immediately find a job due to the fact that I was not going to get paid that month. I started as a Pharmacy Tech in the middle of that month. I have learned what it means to work as if working for the Lord and not for man. My experience has been somewhat unpleasant at the Drug store. I came from a position of investing into peoples lives and pouring all I had into them for Christ's Namesake, into a position that from 8:45-6:00 I stand behind a counter and count pills all day. In some ways the Lord has used me with my co-workers, yet at the end of the day I realize that my work was hardly eternal. I have begun searching what it is that the Lord would have me do next. Where He would have me go and what He would have me do and many of the answers have been slammed doors in my face.I continue to remind myself that He is Soveriegn and knows the path that He has already paved ahead of me and yet when walking alone with little direction, I find myself weeping. It has been a lonely road of unassuredness. I find myself praying as David did throughout the Psalms that the Lord would give me the joy of my salvation.
HOPE has been the one thing to sustain me through this lonely time. I praise the Lord that I will not spend an eternity in this temporary place we call home. And yet I plead with Him that he would continue to sanctify me through His truth that he may not say "ye of little faith", rather, "well done you good and faithful servant."

The pictures in this blog are from one fo my greater nights this summer. The four roomies (old and new) decided that we were going to have a girls night. We dressed our finest and ate at the Wharf. The food was fabulous and company divine. The former great night was spent on the free side of the riverstage where about 8 of us sat on a sleeping bag and danced under the stars listening to a concert.

To conclude this blog I want you to know that I have an interview tomorrow and some big decisions ahead. Will I take the teachers aide position for special ed...the preschool teacher position that is only 30 hours a week or find something temporarily as I consider missions school? May the Lord direct me and guide me and may my feet be quick to go in the direction He should lead. I love you all and miss many of you. I am glad that I have been able to be a part of your lives in some way and know that you have played a sweet roll in mine.