Monday, July 21, 2008


As I write you I am in awe of the Lord's work in preparing me for what is ahead. I have 9 days left before I move and continue praise him for his provisions and providence. This last month has been busy and the next few days will speed past me I am sure. In the last month I traveled to Cali for a week and a half. It was a great week and yet hard. My grandfather is still not well and I ask that you pray for him and his salvation. After Cali, I returned for a mere 2 days to unpack and pack again. I spent a great weekend floating down the Guadalupe River with my Texas family. We shared laughs and pain from sunburns together. It was truly splendid. Since then and until I leave I have recorded for Kasey's CD and will spend time with family and friends while working on bidding farewell. I am horrible at goodbyes.
I am very excited to see all of you Kentucky folk and will truly miss everyone in Texas. For those of you in Texas...if you aren't busy we will be packing the truck on Wednesday July 30th. And for those of you in Kentucky...if you are in town I would love it if you can help unload the truck on Saturday, August 2nd. Please continue to pray for me as I transition. I can testify that the Lord is good and I look foward to the journey ahead. Below are a few pics from my trips and recording.Recording for Kasey's new CD.The reason I went to California: My grandparents.
Down by the bay.The cutest kids ever! My niece Baylee and nephew Logan.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

California, Here I Come!

Well, it's true. I am going to California tomorrow. My dad has been up there for two week due to my grandfathers state after his stroke. My grandparents, aunt and uncle were supposed to come down this last week and since plane tickets were canceled, they were able to buy a ticket for me to come see them. I had prepared myself to not have the ability to see them again (if you know what I mean). In the last year my grandmother has lost her sight fully due to macular degeneration, so this will also be the first time since the loss of eye sight. I am excited to take my cousin Candice kayaking while I am there, along with a visit to the beach of course.

Upon my return I will work and repack in a 36 hour span and head out to San Antonio and Ingram to spend some quality time with my dear family in a 100 year old cabin on the river. I love my cousins so much and we have no problem having a blast. I will then return on the 20th and spend my final week and a half with my dearly beloved friends and fam here in San Angelo.

This summer has gone by so fast thus far. I am trying to stay on top of all that needs to be done. I am praying overall that the Lord would grant travel mercies (especially with my car). I also pray that we will be able to fit all items in the truck on move day. I will have Jason and Cara's, Brandon's and my stuff in one 28' truck. Pray for my grandfather also. He is not saved and it seems time for him is short.

For all of you in Louisville. I cannot wait to see you. I am pretty sure my roommates and myself will have a gathering of sorts once we get our place put together. And for the San Angelo beloveds, I am already heart broken with the fact of leaving you. My time with you has been so sweet and the Lord has used you immensely in my life. I am so blessed and all praise to the Lord for the numerous relationships I have had in San Angelo. Thank you for befriending me. Love ya and I hope to update upon my return.