Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Hurricane Ikes winds caused considerable amounts of damage around the Louisville city and suburbs, and were the cause of lost power for over 340,000 customers. My friend Blake White posted these pictures from his friend. Click here to see Ike destruction in Louisville, KY.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I survived the storm

I write to you today with electricity. That is a big statement here in Louisville. On Sunday we experienced Hurricane Force Winds from Ike. There are trees down on most streets and the power is out in more that 70% of the town. It has been wild at grocery stores and gas stations. I am learning to be thankful for the little things like hot water and electricity. It is humbling to know all that we have and how little so many others have elsewhere. I have found myself complaining about taking a cold shower and realize just how comfortable I am here. I am glad that the Lord takes away comforts for us to be glad in Him alone. The seminary has been shut down throughout the entire week which means that I pick up more hours at work and convince myself to stop procrastinating and start catching up on school work.
Many are asking how my time here has been and how school has been going. Well, in short, my time here is great and school is enlightening. Haha. Ok, so really...I am so thankful for my friends here. They have been great! Not only am I blessed by my Texas friends, but I am so thankful for the others that are coming into my life. For instance, Corrie Ann has been a doll since day 3. I cannot thank the Lord enough for the encouragement and spirring on that I have received. I am challenged daily by the lives of these people. As for school...fantastic. I can honestly say that I am not sure if I like the writing much, but if that keeps me under the teaching of this great institution, then I will gladly write.
Now, in reguards to work, the boy have been great for the most part (hey, we all have our moments). Today we went to the Zoo and Q'Dobas and they learned how to wink. It was so precious. I can say that these two boys have also taught me so much thus far. August is in this inquisitive stage and every other sentence out of his mouth is a question. There have been occasions where I have been able to share the gospel with him, but overall he is teaching me to think upon things. There is a sweetness in seeking and knowing and I am gaining a thankfulness for the position I am in to seek and know the Creator and Redeemer during my time at Southern and forevermore.

I know this is a short update and hope to update soon. I will leave you with this ....
The Bebee's and friends came over for the great reveal:

Is it a boy or girl?

It's a GIRL! Congrats Bebees!