Monday, March 23, 2009

Photo Shoot

Sorry for the lack of posts. I am writing papers and reading like crazy right now. I love the paper I am working on now over mortification of sin. Until I can write a real blog here are some engagement pictures that I took this weekend for some friends. I am pretty excited about how they turned out!
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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Vessel of Mercy, Compelled by Compassion

It has been my ultimate prayer recently that the Lord would find me as a faithful servant. In seeking my heart and finding areas where I am sluggard I have been pleading with the Lord to sanctify me with His grace and use me for his mercy. I have found myself praying for opportunities to minister to the lost and bring a message of hope to the hopeless. Daily the Lord has presented opportunities that have broken my heart for the afflicted in each circumstance. The situations that have taken place these past few months have brought me to an utter dependence on the One True God who is sovereign and compassionate. There are many dear to me who are hurting. It is my prayer that in whatever trial that we find ourselves in that we would seek the God who knows us intimately, who created, who is just, who is righteous, who redeems our life from the pit and through Christ's death and resurrection He has conquered the death that sin brought and gives hope beyond this life. This life is a mere mist, like the grass that withers in the winter's cold. I have seen a lot of withering lately. I have also seen a lot of fighting for life...I guess I wonder though, do I fight more for this life that proves to be temporal or for the Life in Christ that is true to be eternal? I pray that God would continue to give me a broken and contrite heart compelled to die to myself and live to glorify the Creator/Redeemer/Savior/Prince of Peace/Sustainer, etc...There is hope beyond the pain of this world. May I be a vessel of God's mercy and compelled with compassion for those who do not know this hope.
Please pray for:
-My grandmother- her brain is no longer bleeding, but the seizures have taken a toll on her. It's been rough on the fam since my grandfather just died and had similar problems.
-My dad- He leaves today for California. He just had heart surgery last week and is doing well.
-A dear family members mother who has lymphoma.
-Tyler and Melissa who miscarried after 22 weeks of pregnancy.
-A very close friend who just received news that she has cancer on her thyroid.
-And for the family of Doris (sweet old lady that I became fond of who died yesterday)

Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow
Praise Him, all creatures here below
Praise Him above, ye heavenly host
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Prayer Requests

This blog is short and I do apologize, but I need to get some reading the mean time please pray:
I found out today that a very good friend is having a biopsy tomorrow. They found some masses on her thyroid and are concerned it is cancerous. Please pray for her (not sure if she would want her name disclosed yet). Then this evening my dad called and my grandmother (the one in Cali who's husband just died during the Christmas break) fell and the assisted living people found her by her bed. They are not sure how long she had been there. Her brain is bleeding and also her abdomen. She is in ICU and is pretty weak. I will update when I know more. Thanks in advance.