Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Beach Reach 2007

Well, I am sad that this blog was not posted directly after Spring Break. The morning after I returned I caught the flu and had no contact with the outside world for what seemed like forever, although it was only 5 days.
I cannot begin to tell the many stories of divine appointments that the Lord laid our before us during out trip. We went before the throne and then Lord went before us and prepared the field before each shift. During Beach Reach training we teach our students how to transition the conversation into spiritual matters and ultimately the gospel. Every single one of us stood in awe of how we did not have to transition...people were so thirsty and hungry and evidently the Lord's glory surrounded us, because they immediately were asking us questions. We are thankful that the Lord gave the words and scriptures for the defense and confirmation of the gospel. Our team saw the Lord save 5 people and the events that lead up tp those occations were divine indeed.
Below I have added some pictures and a link to some of our students testamonies. I ask that you go to that link and read what work the Lord did and give him the glory for the sanctification of the saint and the salvation of the few. I could not have asked for the Lord to have given me a better team to work alongside during my first trip to Beach Reach and my last trip to lead as the Campus Missionary at the BSM. The unity and love for one another was great. Enjoy the stories!

The Crew + Cara Bebee and Kirby. These two came back from a three week mission trip in Papua New Guinea on Sunday and joined us from thier missions school on Monday. Sharing the gospel from one people group to another.

The Girls. Stunning is the only word I can think of.

The Boys. Ummm...stunning also. This is the cheerleader pose. Wow...HeeHee

Cara Bebee and I. This was my favorite sand sculpture.

Baptisms: 27 total. 400 Beach Reachers stood around the sand sculpture yelling and clapping and raising a commotion. The beach goers began to gather to see what the ruckus was about and a sudden hush come over the crowd as the beach reachers bowed at the sand sculpture. Two girls behind me were drunk and when everyone bowed they also went prostrate. It made me think about the scripture that every knee shall bow. After being prayed over all of us stood near the waters as new believers showed all spectators, believers and non, a sweet representation of what the Lord had done. The old being gone and behold new things. The truth had now become living and active in them and they were baptised in the ocean that bows daily and glorifies the Lord as He draws the line and tell the ocen where to stop.

As most know, the van ministry is a huge part of the Beach Reach ministry. One night we all gathered before loading the vans and started to pray. The first shift of vans set out and when they came off of the shift they were all in awe because every group that they had picked up were San Angelo people. None of the other teams had one San Angelo group on thier vans.

The sunrise was spectacular. Pictures never do the Lord's glory justice.

Worship on the beach at the end of the week.

Needless to say we had a fun time. Nice faces girls.

It looks like we are in the bunkers at battle. Beach Reach was a battle ground, but an easy fight won with the Lord on our side.

To see more Beach Reach testamonies from other students at Angelo State go HERE!